Marilyn Mason taught at the University of Michigan from 1947 – 2014

Photo from about 1979; on the reverse in Marilyn Mason’s handwriting is “Studio Organ built by Reuter Organ Co., designed by Marilyn Mason”. Most of her teaching was in this studio and at Hill Auditorium.

View “Teacher of Music, Teacher of Life” (From “Muse”; Spring 2013, Vol. 7 No. 2, reprinted with permission and courtesy of The University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre & Dance)

Photo from the late 1980’s of Marilyn Mason and her colleagues from the organ department, Dr. Robert Glasgow, Dr. Michele Johns, and Dr. James Kibbie. In the background is the “Marilyn Mason Organ” (Fisk Co.) described in: Michigan’s ‘Klingendes Wunder’ by Marilyn Mason and Erven Thoma (1986) Pub. by University of Michigan School of Music.

This is an example of Marilyn Mason’s teaching:
Marilyn Mason was University Organist from 1976 – 2014

“Marilyn Mason played for Pres. Shapiro’s Inauguration, 1980. Here, he listens to some music”, as written on the reverse in her handwriting (See 1980 program below). She played for numerous convocations and ceremonies (See programs below).

Appearances as University Organist

Church Organist

Marilyn Mason was the Organist at First Congregational Church in Ann Arbor from 1984 – 2013, beginning when she and Michele Johns were consultants for the new Wilhelm organ there. She also used this venue for at least 23 recitals (see programs below). Earlier, she had been the organist for briefer periods at Zion Lutheran Church in Ann Arbor and Calvary Episcopal Church in New York City.

Church Performances